• ASi Members Urged to Merge Occupation and Vocation at ASi Inaugural Convention

    DSC_0075Pastor James Daniels, General Field Secretary and Associate Stewardship Director for the Inter-America Division of Seventh-day Adventist was the special guest speaker at the ASi-Cayman Inaugural Convention held at the George Town Seventh-day Adventist Church from Sabbath June 29th – Sunday June 30, 2013.

    Speaking at the Divine Hour Service on Sabbath morning, Pastor Daniels reminded his listeners that the business or professional activity that they engaged in during the week is only their occupation, but their calling in life, their commission to the be a disciple for Christ is their vocation. Under the topic “Market Place Ministers for Market Place Ministry, the gifted preacher said,“ your occupation is what you choose, but your vocation is what you are called to do.

    Bemoaning the fact that many persons deliberately separate these with their religious commitment being seldom demonstrated during the week at their places of work, he urged ASi members to begin to experience the joy of having these merged in a beautiful synergy of “Sharing Christ in the Marketplace”. Incidentally, this is the motto for ASi and embodies what each member who joins the organization sign on for. Many will not be able to be a missionary or an evangelist, but God has designed the work for all to be his mouth-piece in whatever place they spend the majority of their time outside of home.

    Earlier Pastor Shian O’Connor, President of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist brought greetings on behalf of his administration. He congratulated Sis Annie K Price on her outstanding service as the new President of ASi-Cayman and applauded the recruitment of Pastor Daniels to be the main speaker for the convention. Sis Price, in her introductory remarks, highlighted some of the activities that were planned for the week-end, and urged all members and non-members to come out and support each of the programs. She spoke of a few of the initiatives that had been undertaken by ASi-Cayman during her 5 months as Acting President and since taking office as the ASi President in March, and pointed to many more initiatives that were planned.

    Sis. Roxnel Di Vanni, Vice-President of ASi-Cayman opened the service, which also had participation by former ASI-Cayman Past Presidents, Ricardo Forbes and Rohan Riley. Elder Edris Ocho, Rudy Evans and Delroy Williams also participated, with heavenly music being presented by the Gallego Family along with a classical piece to bring on the preacher by Bro. Rudy Myles.

    A feature of the weekend was a prayer of dedication made by Pastor James Daniel for all ASi members, officers, volunteers and supporters. Just prior to the prayer an appeal was made for members to make a commitment and join in the great work ASi is doing in the Cayman Islands. Approximately 15 persons made the commitment and joined the group for a special prayer.

    A special offering was lifted to support ASi Evangelist Gallego and Campbell with upcoming Evangelistic Campaigns planned for Guyana and the US.

    Special musical renditions from various choirs and groups island-wide set the stage for dynamic and uplifting sermons.

    On the last night of the convention Pastor James Daniel was impressed to switch gears and his final sermon entitled ‘Living Above the Line”, was a powerful message about walking in our integrity as representatives as Jesus Christ. He reminded the audience that although the line of integrity has been blurred by the world, and although the people of the world generally live below this line, the Christian has to all ways live above the line, ensuring that all his actions are of the highest ethical standards and be able to withstand all public scrutiny.

    At the end of the service and as a reminder of his time spent in the Cayman Islands, Pastor Daniel was presented with a small token of gratitude expressed by the ASi Board and members.

    The Conference President Pastor Shian O’Connor was a consistent supporter of the week-end activities and spoke of the great work ASi Cayman was doing and encouraged all members to get involved.

    ASi President Sister Annie K. Price, expressed thanks to all who played a role in making the weekend the success it was.


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